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Everyone has heard about the Illuminati. The Puppet Masters who rule the world from the shadows. They control all the money in the world, the banks are seeded with their members, and they control the press, TV, the Internet, and all the information that we get fed and are allowed to see.

Historically The Illuminati was actually a group of scientists and Philosophers whose new Theories often disagreed with The Church. But the Church demanded that all accept its authority and beliefs. Free thinkers were a major problem for the Catholic Church. So the Church started persecuting anyone with a different opinion about the world.

And so these scientists and philosophers decided to form a secret society to safeguard their precious discoveries and went underground. This is the beginning of the Illuminati.

Although many believe that the Illuminati was the most powerful underground organization ever to walk the earth, there is no official evidence to prove Illuminati still exists today. Some believe that the Illuminati, which lived in the past with the aim of uplifting science against the supremacy of the Church, died out with time.

Nowadays Illuminati might be one of the biggest conspiracy theories out there.

But just imagine… all of a sudden, the whole world gets a message from the unknown. A warning. Illuminati has declared war against the Catholic Church. And this time, they will win. Science Vs Religion. Which will win in the end? This is the story of Angels and Demons.

The plot (without spoilers)

angels & demons

A scientist at one of the world’s most famous nuclear research institutes is found brutally murdered, and a mysterious symbol is seared into his chest. This scientist was working on a project to prove the existence of God. To prove this, he was working with anti-matter which is a highly unstable material. Anti-matter has an explosive power greater than an atomic bomb. After killing the scientist, the murderer also stole this nuclear project.

Around the same time, the ruling Pope of the Vatican dies of a sudden heart attack. The most important moment after the death of the Pope is the Conclave, the election for the next Pope. 

Traditionally, after 15 days, all the cardinals around the world are gathered in the Vatican for the ritual of appointing the new Pope. Out of all these cardinals, there were four cardinals who were most likely to be the next Pope; these four were known as preferiti cardinals. All the cardinals vote on which preferiti cardinal should be the next Pope.

But just a few hours before the vote begins, these four preferiti cardinals mysteriously disappear inside the Vatican.

Around this time, the Swiss security force in charge of the security of the Vatican discovers that the nuclear weapon that disappeared from the nuclear research institute is hidden somewhere in the Vatican and has only 5 hours to explode. This weapon can completely annihilate the entire state of the Vatican.

The Brotherhood


Now the Illuminati Brotherhood enters the game. They send a message taking full responsibility for all these events.

The Brotherhood has surfaced from the shadows to carry out the final phase of its legendary vendetta against its most hated enemy… the Catholic Church. Illuminati will no longer rule from the shadows. Illuminati will rise again. 

They also announce that the four preferiti cardinals will be murdered one by one for every hour that passes, and the entire Vatican city will be turned to ashes by midnight. The Brotherhood thinks that no one can stop this, so they leave minor hints, challenging the Vatican to stop them if possible.

The Protagonist

Robert Langdon, a professor of history of art and symbology at Harvard University, who has researched the Illuminati and even published a book about them, is summoned to overcome this challenge.

In the remaining few hours, will he be able to find the nuclear weapon, save the four cardinals, and protect the Vatican from the explosion? Why did Illuminati kill a scientist? Is there a connection between the Pope’s sudden death and these events? How to appoint a new Pope without the four preferiti cardinals while also preserving the traditions of the papacy that have never been broken? To learn the answers to all these questions, you have to start reading Angels and Demons.

Dan Brown & his stories

I love Dan Brown’s writing style. It might be too simple for some, but for me, his books are just amazing. You start reading him due to his popularity, and then he captivates your mind with his plot and narration style. His plots are basically suspense thrillers, but it’s not always the suspense that amazes you; it’s the fine and intricate detailing.

Dan Brown is the Christopher Nolan of books. He has an amazing way of mixing fiction with Realism.  

The magic of Brown’s novel is the weaving of an excellent fictional plot with the places of the real world. He creates fiction stories from historical figures, artefacts, scientific facts and mythological figures. He takes you on an enthralling tour along with him. This exhilarating experience is totally real.

Even in Angels & Demons, all the historic monuments, libraries, churches and scientific facts mentioned are actually true.

But remember that Dan Brown is a fiction writer. Sometimes you have to remind yourself what you are reading is actually fiction. He mixes fiction with Realism so well that it’s hard to distinguish what’s what. Remember, there is a reason why these books are placed in the fiction section of bookshops.

I think the positive side of a novel like this is that, for people like me, Brown’s books create an interest to dive deeper into history and real facts. Most or all of his novels are fiction, but since it’s talking about historical events, I can’t help but do my own little research and, in the process, learn and study really interesting stuff.

Now, there is a movie based on this book, but I won’t recommend watching it before reading the book. It has to be one of the worst book-to-movie adaptations. But if you have already watched it, please don’t judge a book by its movie. This book is just amazing.

Angels & Demons is thrilling, scary and intense. I can usually conclude the ending of a thriller to a plausible extent, but this one, oh! Took me by surprise. The twists, the science, the knowledge imparted, the Setting, Mind Blown, period.

By the way, If you like to read quotes, I have pulled together some of the best quotes from Angels & Demons. You can read them here. Best Quotes from Angels & Demons.

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